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Certifications from SafeTTy Systems, UK

Level 0

In our Level 0 course, you will learn about the design and implementation of core ‘Time Triggered’ (TT) software architectures that can help to make your embedded systems reliable.

Recent graduates (engineering / science / computer science)


Level 1

Our Level 1 course is designed to help people obtain the skills needed to develop software for safe, reliable and secure embedded systems using TT architectures – and provide evidence that they possess such skills.

Audience: Graduates with 1+ years of experience in industry.


Level 2

Our Level 2 course has a focus on developing TT software in compliance with international safety standards and guidelines (such as IEC 61508 and ISO 26262). 

Audience: Graduates with 2+ years of experience in industry. 

Certifications from Linux Professional Institute , Canada