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Working in partnership with SafeTTy Systems (UK) we now offer a specialized embedded systems training and certification programme for recent engineering / science graduates and more experienced professional engineers.  This unique programme has a focus on the use of ‘Time Triggered’ (TT) system architectures as a means of producing systems that are reliable, safe and secure.  Where required, such designs can be created in compliance with international safety standards such as IEC 61508 and ISO 26262.

We are currently offering three internationally certified embedded systems courses:

  • Embedded C (Level 0)
  • TTa  (Level 1)
  • TTb  (Level 2)

All the three courses come with an internationally acclaimed CERTIFICATION that demonstrates the abilities of individuals of possessing the skills to develop systems using TT architectures that are reliable, safe and secure.

Embedded C Course (Level 0)

The Embedded C course is designed for the recent engineering and science graduates who have used Event Triggered i.e. interrupt driven architecture in designing embedded systems. This course focuses on learning the foundations for designing safe and secure embedded systems using Time Triggered (TT) architectures. This course begins with the overview of the architecture of 8051 microcontroller, progresses through a ‘C’ language primer to improve your ‘C’ skills and then advances towards designing a simple Embedded OS based on TT architecture.

TTa Course (Level 1)

The TTa course takes a closer look at the design of reliable and safe embedded systems using the TT architectures. Experienced graduate engineers can benefit from this course as the TT architecture techniques learnt in this course can be applied in the real designs immediately. This course represents the minimum qualification level that should be expected from an individual involved in the development of real-time embedded systems that are intended to be reliable, but where failure has no direct safety implications.

TTb Course (Level 2)

The TTb course focuses on the compliance of international safety standards by embedded systems. This course represents the minimum qualification level that should be expected from an individual involved in the development of real-time embedded systems that may have some safety implications (for example, designs developed in compliance with IEC 61508 or in compliance with ISO 26262), and / or where system failure could prove very expensive (e.g. deep-sea products, satellite systems).Experienced professionals who are involved in the development of embedded systems that have to comply with international safety standards  such as IEC 61508, ISO 26262, DO-178C, IEC 62304, ISO 13849, IEC 60335 and IEC 60730, up to ‘SIL 3’ level or equivalent can benefit by taking this course.


Rated 4.6 out of 5
4.6 out of 5 stars (based on 12 reviews)
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Free TTa Course_April 2021

Rated 5 out of 5
April 29, 2021

The time-triggered architecture has been explained in the simplest way and in detail. The practical implementation of TT architecture is required for reliable embedded systems and nice exposure has been given. The Safety fields have a lot of potentials, job opportunities and needs to be encouraged in engineering colleges. TT courses are really helpful to develop skilled manpower in the Safety field.

Thanks for offering the training courses!!

Dr. Ashwini Gajarushi

Free run of TTa course

Rated 4 out of 5
April 29, 2021

It is a very good course for students and freshers to start with a career in embedded systems (software). I suggest experienced embedded system engineers should also join this course. This course covers all advantages, disadvantages of TTa and how to overcome the problems of TTa. One suggestion, more examples of TTa would be great to understand more about this architecture.

Thank you for the wonderful course!

Tejas Bhoite

Level 1 Free running TTA course

Rated 5 out of 5
April 29, 2021

The course content is indeed a very insightful course and provided a great learning experience.

The topics were explained in a lucid manner and Govind Sir was great in clearing all our doubts.

Thanks for conducting this introductory course.

Rajib Chatterjee


Rated 4 out of 5
April 29, 2021

This course really gave very good insight, what is difference between event and time triggered embedded systems, how time triggered embedded system are scheduled and how a system can be made jitter free. It was also beneficial to understand preemptive tasking, co-operative tasking and priority inversion. It was also nice to know that, how tasks are created, dispatched and deleted once tasks are finished. Govind sir has explained all with live simulation of relevant programs which was quite interesting and appreciable.

Sandeep Hanumante

Free TTa Course

Rated 4 out of 5
April 29, 2021

The whole 3 week sessions was very good . We have learnt new concept as well.

The programming examples discussed during the course are in the ‘C’ language. It will really good to understand.

I’m happy to be part of this course…

Thank you so much for giving this opportunity.

Mrunali Bhanudas Pawar

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