Linux Essentials Exam Topics

  • The Linux community and career in open source.
  • Finding your way on a Linux System.
  • The power of Command line.
  • The Linux Operating System.
  • Security and permissions.


    • There are no prerequisites for this certification, which is available in English, German, Italian, Portuguese (Brazilian), Spanish (Modern), Chinese (Simplified), and Chinese (Traditional).


Why take the Linux Essentials Exam

  • The Linux Essentials Professional Development Certificate¬† serves as an ideal stepping-stone to the more advanced LPIC Professional Certification track for Linux Systems Administrators.

What should I know to pass the Linux Essentials Exam?

  • To pass the Linux Essentials certificate you must have an understanding of the Linux and open source industry and knowledge of the most popular open source applications.
  • Understand the major components of the Linux operating system.
  • Have the technical proficiency to work on the Linux command line.
  • Have a basic understanding of security and administration related topics such as user/group management.
  • Working on the command line, and permissions.

How can I prepare for this exam?

  • Prepare from our study material which you get after signing up for the exam.
  • Refer the videos for getting hands-on ideas.