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Online Embedded C-Level 0


Beginners start here.A great start will take you a long way!!


Foundations of Embedded C and Time Triggered architectures

This course is targeted at recent engineering / science graduates who may have learned about traditional ‘Event Triggered’ (or interrupt-driven) embedded systems during their degree course. In this course, we introduce ‘Time Triggered’ (TT) architectures. Designs based on TT architectures are generally found to be more reliable than equivalent ET designs, which is why they are employed in products ranging from “white” goods, intruder-alarm systems and general monitoring systems through to industrial, automotive, medical and aerospace systems.

All the examples in this course are in the ‘C’ programming language.

Key features of this course

  • A consistent focus on designing code that is safe and reliable.
  • Course begins with the study of ARM architecture.
  • A crash course on ‘C’ is included in the course itself, in case your skills are a little rusty.
  • Use of KEIL IDE
    Creating a Simple Embedded OS; this is the starting point in learning about RTOS.
  • Learning about a single interrupt approach to carry out different tasks.
  • Internationally-recognized certificate provided for successful candidates.
  • Boost your profile for Post Graduation in overseas universities.
  • Open up career opportunities in mission critical industries.
  • Program using STM32 ARM Cortex Mx simulation.

Course Objectives

After completing the course, participants should:

  • Understand ARM Cortex M4 architecture.
  • Use features of ‘C’ to create structured embedded code.
  • Write code that is reliable and responsive.
  • Be comfortable with designing code that adheres to timing constraints.
  • Understand the necessity of an Embedded OS.
  • Understand the ‘One Interrupt per Microcontroller Rule’ in the design of TT systems.
  • Understand the basic building blocks of RTOS.
  • Be ready to go to the next certification level .

Familiarity with Windows OS, good knowledge of binary number system and digital electronics. Familiarity with ‘C’ language would be an advantage.


  • Overview of ARM architecture.
  • Memory map of the ARM Cortex-Mx microcontroller.
  • Timers of STM32.
  • Machine cycle and oscillator frequency calculations.
  • SysTick Timer and its use in an Embedded OS.
  • Crash Course on C programming with focus on loops, functions, function prototypes, variable declaration and definition , pointers , typedefs , macros ,unsigned numbers .
  • KEIL simulation environment.
  • Creating project, building the target and running the code on the simulator.
  • Reading Switches, Controlling Multi-colored LED.
  • Structuring Code and Object Oriented programming with C.
  • Real Time constraints.
  • Creating a small Embedded OS.
  • Multistate systems and function sequences.
  • Generating PWM signal.
  • Traffic signal system using FSM.
  • Watchdog timer and their use in recovery from failure.
  • Serial Port programming of STM32.

Mode of assessment for CERTIFICATION
Closed book exam with university-style conditions.
Planned exercises that would be submitted by candidates during the course.

On successful completion of the course candidates will receive LEVEL 0 Certification from SafeTTy Systems.

Course dates and organisation

This course needs 60hrs for completion.Course can be taken over weekends in the morning and late evening everyday 08.30pm IST

Date coming soon!!!!!!!!!


Course Fees are INR 12000.

  • The course fee includes:
  • Online training
  • Examination and certification fee
  • One free attempt at the examination for repeaters.

How to apply

We have 25 places available on each of our Level-0 course .

To apply for a place, please complete the registration form at:  Register here!!.

We will use the contact data that you provide only to support your application for this course: we will share your data with SafeTTy Systems Ltd solely to support this activity. Neither Microdevice Technologies nor SafeTTy Systems will release your data to any third party.

After the course, we may send you up to three emails to tell you about our related TTb courses. After this, we will send you no further emails.Unless you advise us that you are happy for us to retain your data, we will delete it within 1 month of the course completion.


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